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Its fans on Twitter are now challenging PUBG’s ban in Pakistan. The hashtag #unbanPUBGinPakistan is gaining momentum as they argue their case on the microblogging site. This, all, is in response to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) being banned by PTA in Pakistan due to health concerns. Now that Twitterati is done with trolling the fans, the fans are back in action to get their favorite game back.

What Are They Saying for PUBG?

Fans are expressing their disagreement and discouragement of PTA’s decision. A rumor is going around that the PTA’s official site was hacked yesterday after the ban.

Additionally, concerns are being raised is against Tiktok. Citing recent unfortunate deaths of two teenagers, they’re asking why TikTok is not banned?

Moreover, they’re shedding light on how, for many, PUBG was a source of earning. Young children were able to earn money from the game somehow, which they can not now. PUBG is being referred to as a ‘career’ through which others get into YouTube blogging/vlogging or freelancing.

Does Banning the Game Change Anything?

Another important factor being discussed is how this will not change anything. They are saying, ‘Gaming is not a crime.’ PUBG may be a violent and intense game, but it has an age limit of 17 and above. Their parents should control those children who play at a younger age. According to users on Twitter, why must responsible players be punished for others?

Secondly, a lot of discussions are being done on suicide rates. People believe that banning a game can not change suicide statistics; the cause for suicide lie elsewhere. Education, economy, mental health are all factors that can cause suicides. However, they are not being regulated. 

It also begs the questions: will the youngsters not choose another similar game after this? Will that be banned too? How many games will we ban?

Health Concerns over PUBG

The adverse side effects of playing PUBG are grave. Since the game is exceptionally violent, it can desensitize young children to violence. That can result in them becoming apathetic and more prone to being violent themselves. Moreover, it can be extremely addictive, which in turn can make the player socially inactive and awkward. It can take up all their time and affect their performance at school, work, or behavior with family members too.

What We Need To Do

Instead of a ban, perhaps a more friendly approach would suit better. The onus is on the parents here. They need to ensure whether their child is playing a game he/she is underage for. If it’s too late, and they see the side effects in their child, then seeking therapy is a viable option. Teenagers who become addicted to any game, not just PUBG, must be counseled to ensure healthy growth and mental health.

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