A street vendor in Kolkata has undertaken a bold fusion experiment by introducing a mix of chicken biryani and momos.

This unique combination has triggered a notable reaction across the internet, with a considerable number of individuals expressing disapproval, viewing it as a departure from established culinary traditions.

The audacious blend of these two beloved dishes has not only sparked a vibrant online dialogue but also prompted food enthusiasts to engage in contemplation regarding the feasibility and appeal of such an unconventional pairing.

The video depicts the food blogger taking a bite of the biryani momo and enjoying the concoction in front of the camera.

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The social media users shared their disregard for the iconic food items and here’s what they had to say.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

Beyond merely being a culinary curiosity, the phenomenon of Biryani Momo in Kolkata holds broader significance. It symbolizes the dynamic and boundary-pushing evolution of culinary trends in the contemporary era, characterized by the rapid dissemination of sensations through online platforms. The diverse responses on social media reflect the ongoing discourse surrounding unconventional food pairings and the evolving nature of gastronomic experimentation in the age of viral trends.

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