Zahid nihari makes 100 list
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If there is one thing that the people of Karachi love, its having food. Yes, the city is full of delicious eateries that are sure to keep you on your feet the entire day and night. No matter where you go, every area has a famous eatery where you can dine. If your budget is lower, you can enjoy good food in it and if it is higher, you can enjoy good food in it. If we talk about the Tariq Road area in Karachi, then Zahid Nihari is one of the most famous restaurants to go to.

The place offers Nihari, which is a beef stew delicacy slow-cooked over a flame. It takes high effort and skill to make and master this dish, thus why not everyone can make it. Zahid Nihari is famous in Karachi for its flavorful, delicious Nihari and people come from all over the country to have it. However, now it seems that the restaurant has made a worldwide list!

eating at one of the nihari places in karachi
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Zahid Nihari And Top 100 Restaurants

According to a list compiled by TasteAtlas, Zahid Nihari made the top 100 legendary restaurants of all time! TasteAtlas is one of the top food review publications of all time and to have a restaurant from Karachi on it is a big deal. The list made note of 100 legendary restaurants and Zahid Nihari placed 89th on it. Considering there are more than thousands of restaurants all over the world, this is a big achievement.

Their website states that these 100 eateries stand out among the 23,751 traditional eateries serving local dishes that are already on their website. Out of more than 23 thousand, ranking 89th really speaks for the taste and credibility of Zahid Nihari. The list is shown here,

Pakistan and Zahid Nihari among top 100
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the nihari place ranking 89th on top 100 of world
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Increasing Customers At The Restaurant

This ranking is sure to increase the popularity of the restaurant and bring more customers to it. Of course, foodies and bloggers love trying out new things and they would love to visit this place from all over the world. After all, the taste is unique and the cuisine is local to the country, thus why it is delicious.

We hope that our country continues to produce good food and makes even more lists in the future.

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