Amna Ilyas

The supermodel Amna Ilyas recently did an interview with BBC Urdu where she open-heartedly talked about the discrimination she has faced due to her skin color.

Ilyas spoke blatantly about the double standards the entertainment industry has over color and how dark tones are always look down upon.

Colorism is a kind of racism in which people are distinguished due to their skin shade. Especially in the Sub-Continent or specifically in our country we worship lighter tones.

Amna Ilyas is one the maestro of the modeling industry who has established a profounding image after going through a strenuous time. While sharing her struggles throughout her journey Ilyas highlighted the fact that her complexion did come in the way of success.

She also revealed how at the beginning of the career she used to receive quite degrading comments on her color. Even in the early days of her teenage, she was forced to use whitening masks and all the remedies for complexion brightening.

“People don’t realize how sensitive this is and what kind of impact it can leave on someone’s mind, ” –By Amna Ilyas 

After this heartbreaking revelation from Ilyas, many of her fans came forward in support. All of them could relate to Amna in one way or another. Not just fans, fellow stars also supported Amna’s journey to fight dark-skin phobia.

Amna’s Instagram post was filled with such positive comments that it warms our hearts.

Amna Ilyas Fan CommentsProbably Amna is not the only one who has faced all the discrimination in her life and there are many more like us who face such demeaning behavior because of the color, height or even weight. In our society, physical appearance is taken so highly that we even tend to ignore intelligence, kindness or humanity over outer appearance.

Do you think we are becoming a little more accepting as a society after the response Ilyas got on her interview? Share your views in the comments below.

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