The voting for America’s most controversial and historic elections of all times has finally come to an end. However, the nightmare for some individuals is not over yet, with the results coming in, American citizens are scared, and are frighten about what the future of America will be. So, what they decided to do was apply as immigrants and run-off to Canada!

As of now, Donald Trump has the upper hand, over Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton. Clinton supporters crashed down the Canadian immigrant website as people try to leave the United States, ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’ stopped working! According to the latest results, Trump has won 264 seats whereas Clinton has only 218.

Twitter’s Reaction to Canadian Immigration Website Crash

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Donald Trump may just be the United States first non-political background President of the United States and this has caused thousands to lose their minds. Hilary Clinton has called Donald Trump and has concede, admitting that he is America’s next President.

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