Infinix NOTE 40 Series

Pakistan, April 5th, 2024: Infinix, Pakistan’s highest smartphone-selling brand has confirmed continuous Android upgrades for 36 months in its new NOTE 40 Series, featuring the 20W Wireless MagCharge. The series include NOTE 40 Pro accompanied by a 70W All-Round FastCharge 2.0 and NOTE 40 accompanied by a 45W All-Round FastCharge 2.0 enabling the users to break free from low battery anxiety. With continuous upgrades, NOTE 40 series users can now benefit from enhanced security, access to new features, bug fixes, optimized battery life, and an overall improved user experience. The NOTE 40 Series is available to order on X-PARK starting from PKR 54,999.

The NOTE 40 series, known for its exceptional fast-charging technology and innovative features, has garnered positive reviews from both media and users worldwide. Infinix’s commitment to delivering an outstanding user experience goes beyond hardware enhancements, as demonstrated by its software support plans.

By extending two years of Android upgrades and 36 months of security updates to the entry models of the NOTE 40 Series, Infinix ensures that all users of the NOTE 40 Series will have access to the latest Android features and improvements. The NOTE 40 Series, which includes the NOTE 40 Pro, and the NOTE 40, comes preloaded with Android 14 and has plans to upgrade to Android 16. This extended support guarantees that users can fully utilize the potential of their devices and stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving Android ecosystem.

With remarkable hardware features and extended software support, the NOTE 40 Series, including the standard NOTE 40 and NOTE 40 Pro, is now even more appealing, combining remarkable hardware features with extended software support. Users can confidently choose Infinix’s NOTE 40 series, knowing they will receive regular updates and enhancements for an extended period.

Disclaimer: The availability of Android system upgrades may vary across devices and regions due to diverse regulatory constraints.