Veteran Pakistani actress Rubina Ashraf was seen as a critic on the show Kya Drama Hai on 24NewsHD, which evaluates dramas and actors on their acting abilities. Other critics include Atiqa Odho, Nadia Jamil, and host Mukarram Kaleem. Because of her identical appearance and thick makeup in all of the dramas, Rubina Ashraf rated Alizeh Shah no marks and referred to her as “zero” when assessing the drama Chand Raat aur Chaandni. 

Elaborating on her comments she stated, “For me, Alizeh is zero because she does not get out of this look in any play. I want her to be without makeup in one of her plays, at least one of the situations. She is all about makeup and wears it even when it is not necessary.” Here is the video. Have a look.

Rubina further said, “Sehri main bhi wahi makeup hai jo dulhan bani hui thi tab, itni unintelligent acting ka zamana bohot pehle khatam ho gaya tha.” 

The show’s host, Mukarram Kaleem, lost his composure and intervened to protect Alizeh Shah. Therefore, a debate between the two critics resulted. Finally, Rubina Ashraf counseled Mukarram Kaleem to avoid taking the criticism personally because it was simply meant to criticize Alizeh’s playing abilities and her appearances in the dramas. The ladies mockingly even teased him by saying that Alizeh might be very good “friends” which is why he got offended.

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