Aliens Expected in 2027, Ex-CIA Agent Reveals
Image Source: Telegraph

John Ramirez, a former CIA officer, has sounded a warning about a significant event set to occur in 2027, sparking fears of a potential “alien” invasion on Earth.

Ramirez’s assertions join the ongoing speculations and discussions surrounding the existence of extraterrestrial life, commonly referred to as aliens. Recent hearings in the United States Congress on UFOs have pressed military and intelligence agencies to reveal evidence of puzzling UFO sightings and unexplained “non-human” samples. Contrary to this, Ramirez contends that these beings will emerge within a decade, catching humanity off guard.

In an interview, the ex-CIA officer claims that people worldwide are being primed for the truth of an imminent reality. He goes on to suggest that “their presence is here.”

Ramirez, who specializes in Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), goes further, emphasizing the need to comprehend their existence. He warns of potential widespread panic if we react as we have in previous decades.

“Given that they are genuine and we have around 4 years left from 2022, with their arrival anticipated in 2027, it’s essential for the U.S. government to prepare the public,” he asserts.

He asserts that government circles are already privy to the knowledge that these beings will appear in 2027. He stresses the urgency of readiness, stating that failure to do so would demand extensive explanations afterward.

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