Whether it’s for his songs or on point acting skills, we all have our reasons to love Ali Zafar. The young heartthrob has managed to win our hearts on more than one occasion.

With his special touch, sheer dedication, and his own creativity, he manages to turn all his projects into gold! 

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It is no secret he is an uber-talented superstar with a plethora of hidden talents. We wonder if there is anything that Zafar cannot do. The hottie has done it all: acting, writing, modeling, singing and the list goes on and on.

Just recently, the maestro penned a thought-provoking piece of poetry and prose, that he is recited across a video entitled ‘Kuch Tau Ghalat Ho Raha Hai’.

His words are image-inducing, oozing with compassion and describing how material things don’t matter. 

The powerful poetry is bound to shake your soul, triggering a wave of emotions and get you thinking about how we are our own worst enemy!

In just a matter of 90 seconds, he prompts people to ponder about how divisions created by individuals, governments, power, fame & money are destroying our world. 

The video has blown up the internet with over 5,843 Shares shares and 311k views.

Ali has always proven to be one of Pakistan’s most ‘aware’ artists: he never shies away from speaking the truth and from analyzing everything around him. Kuch Tau Ghalat Ho Raha hai also has a call to action at the end: asking people to think!

Currently, Ali is on a tour across the US with a  mission to raise funds for Shaukat Khanum in order to build a state- of- the- art pediatric unit. For the rockstar, humanity knows no bounds. He has also launched the Ali Zafar Foundation to help empower those who are in need.

More power to our hero!

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