It seems like Ali Zafar is bringing back the PSL heat with his return from a long hiatus amidst harassment accusations. In 2018, he was accused of harassment by fellow singer Meesha Shafi, leading to significant repercussions on his career in the PSL league. Zafar who initially recorded a song for three consecutive years of the PSL is most likely to make a comeback yet again given major changes in the PSL management committee.

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Ali Zafar’s Comeback For Season 9

Ali Zafar performed the songs for the first three seasons of the HBL PSL, but in 2018, he faced allegations of harassment from Meesha Shafi, which significantly affected his career. Despite winning the court battle against Shafi’s unsubstantiated claims, he was not allowed to sing the anthem for the PSL again due to the lingering stain of the accusations.

Although the PCB initially recorded three anthems for the 9th season of PSL in Ali Zafar’s voice and selected one, objections were raised by a female official within the PSL franchise. She argued against Ali Zafar’s reintroduction into the league due to the negative impact it could have in light of past events.

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Consequently, the board changed its decision regarding Ali Zafar’s involvement in the project. Zaka Ashraf refrained from signing the agreement initially, but with the departure of the Chairman of the Management Committee, the situation appears to be evolving.

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