Ali Zafar recently responded to a fan comment who asked about his glow. Needless to say, Zafar’s response was something with speaks of ‘good intentions- outer glow.’

Ali Zafar On What Makes Him Radiant 

90’s star who we might have followed passionately growing up seems to age like fine wine. The singer however shared details into his daily routine and what makes him look good. In a Twitter thread, a fan asked the singer why he looked so ‘glowy’. Ali Zafar, in his response, shed light on what works for him and what people should do.

While clearing the stigma around fairness creams Ali straight up requested his fans to not fall for the gimmicks such as fairness, whitening, and glow. He further added that keeping one’s intentions clean and pure is the ultimate recipe for looking good.

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“Never use any cream that says words like whitening, fairness, and glow. You always glow from within. But yes use a good moisturizer and sunblock daily. The rest, think good, eat good, keep your intentions positive, keep your soul clean and yes don’t forget to take care of your parents. Everything will glow eventually.”

What do you think about Ali Zafar’s recipe for inner glow and outer glow? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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