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Ali Zafar and wife, Ayesha Fazli, were once kidnapped back in 2008! Yes, you heard that right. A leading source narrated the story from twelve years ago when the duo got abducted by a man.

Ali and Ayesha were just engaged at that given point in time. The source said that they were walking out of a CD store towards their car when the kidnapper approached them and sat in the back seat.

The man was armed. He made Ali drive across town from place to place for at least three hours and also asked the couple to call their parents for the ransom amount!

The amount he asked for was around 2.5 million Rupees.

The kidnapper said he would shoot both of them if he didn’t get the amount. The incident was not reported to the police according to a police officer’s statement from back then.

Ali and Ayesha both made calls, and later, Ayesha’s parents ended up paying the full amount outside a shopping plaza in Gulberg, Lahore. The duo was kidnapped for a total of six hours. Sounds like a crazy stressful day for both the families.

The armed man took the bag full of cash and Ali’s cell phone and left them.

Ali Azfar & Ayesha Fazli make a perfect couple! 

The couple has been together through thick and thin. In a caption on Instagram, Ali says Ayesha has been with him from days of struggling in the field to now him being successful. She is his biggest inspiration in life. He feels he is truly blessed with a beautiful little family.


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Beneath the blue sky and her golden locks. @ayeshafazli

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Ali Zafar Accused of Sexual Harassment 

Ali Zafar has been in the news on and off for quite some time now due to harassment allegations by singer Meesha Shafi against the singer. There have been several instances where the star has given some problematic statements regarding the matter.

Ali Zafar’s Harassment Case: Mind-Boggling Details May Surface in Court

The case is still ongoing as both the stars are still fighting their case in court.

Ali has been part of Coke Studio, PSL anthems, Tv-series, local films, Bollywood films and so much more! There is no denying that he is one of the most talented stars in the Pakistani film/tv/music industry.

We still can’t believe they ended up paying such a huge amount and didn’t even report to the police. Unbelievable right? Have something to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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