Ali Rehman

A video of actor Ali Rehman Khan losing his temper at a McDonald’s cashier recently went viral.

While many were quick to judge him for this absurd behaviour and pass a verdict against the actor, some also thought that maybe there is more to the story.

The video featured Ali yelling statements such as:

“Aapko pata hai main kaun hoon? Aapne kabhi mujhe TV pe dekha hai? Aap employee hain, aapka kaam hai meri baat maanna.”

Do you know who I am? Have you ever seen me on TV? You are an employee, your job is to do as I say.

Turns out that there actually was more to the story than what we saw in the video.

Ali took to Twitter revealing that it was an act staged and ‘leaked’ on purpose.

I just wanted to let you guys know that this was a social experiment, the aim was to raise awareness on #TumJaanteHoMaiKonHun culture. The disparity between the rich and poor is immense in our country and the so-called VIP culture doesn’t do anything to help it. That is what I wanted to raise my voice against.

The first video confirmed I’m a douchebag. The coming videos will reveal whether I am someone who owns and fixes that or someone who uses marketing ploys to shroud it. Stay tuned to this space as you will soon get to see the complete picture #ComingSoon #WaitForIt #BigNews, -he added.

Mcdonalds and its staff were equally parties of the act.

“We are glad to partner with you. Thank you for supporting this cause. We cant wait to reveal the BIG news,” shared Mcdonalds Pakistan.

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