A few days ago an entrepreneur who goes by the name of Kanwal Cheema was interviewed at an event. Kanwal, who resembles Indian actress, Aishwarya Rai, in more than one way, was blowing up the internet for her uncanny resemblance with former Miss World.

After getting questions in interviews over her resemblance to the actress Kanwal shut down the comparisons and asked the public to take an interest in her work. However, continuous publicity and comparisons led her to record a video message for the public and Cheema is urging people to appreciate her for her work rather than her looks.

Kanwal Cheema On Her Resemblance To Aishwarya Rai 

Taking to her social media, the entrepreneur said that everybody is unique in their way.

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‘I’m being called Pakistan’s Aishwarya Rai and Aishwarya Rai’s doppelganger. Aishwarya herself is a very unique and accomplished person. It’s not fair to her as well to compare her to anybody. As far as I’m concerned, I came to Pakistan to start an online digital charity application, which brings transparency and clarity to the charity process. It’s called ‘My Impact Meter’ and that’s what I want to be known for, not a copy of someone else. I would rather be the best possible version of myself than a copy of somebody else. What I wear, how I dress up, people shouldn’t be commenting on that.’ 

A woman is always known for her looks and it is very unfair to them. A woman is much more than her looks. It is high time to start a conversation on this topic. Everyone is unique with their own identity. People shouldn’t be compared to others and just known for that. She added.

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What are your views about the continuous comparisons drawn between the actress and the entrepreneur? Let us know in the comments below.

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