After receiving intense backlash and hate over her Umrah post, singer Aima Baig once again took to social media. However, this time around the starlet shared her thoughts while subtly shutting down the social media trolls.

The backlash came in after Aima Baig was spotted performing Umrah with having tattoos on her hands and arms.

While talking about her thoughts and how she got to touch the Kaba with the same inked hands, Baig shared her two cents on how a person is not always bad but rather their actions or deeds that are questionable.

‘To all those – Hi! I still got the chance to touch and feel the Kaba with these inked hands. The thing is, it’s not the person who is ever bad, it could be their deeds or actions that are being disliked religiously. Allah is the gracious of all, he loves us more than seventy mothers. May Allah invite every Muslim to this holy place. Ameen!’

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Take a look at her instagram post which she dedicated to the Holy Mosque and shared her deep thoughts on the constant criticism she was receiving after performing Umrah.

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What are you think on the Aima Baig’s post and her views on what makes a person bad or good in front of Allah’s eyes? Does her thoughts justify her performing Umrah with the tattoos on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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