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Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly’s marriage was making people suspicious for a long time now. However, it appears even getting closure is not enough for Pakistani people. The man-made an appearance at Dubai Expo 2020 and it was supposed to be a huge deal. But the crowd only had one thing on their mind: Sajal. Here’s what went down:

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The Appearance

Ahad Raza Mir was one of the celebrities chosen to grace the Dubai Expo 2020. He has been in Dubai for a while now and what better way to meet the fans than at the Expo? These celebrity surprise appearances are always a sight for sore eyes because you see them step out and the crowd goes wild.


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This time around, when Ahad Raza Mir stepped onto the stage and started addressing the crowd, things went a little sideways. People, out of the blue, simply started chanting Sajal. The entire humongous crowd of Expo started chanting Sajal and Mir had to accept defeat. He put down the mic for a while and just had an awkward smile on his face. 

Thoughts On It?

ahad raza mir expo
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People are not really in support of what the crowd did. They believe that no one knows the entire story of the couple, especially that of celebrity couples. So how can one go out of their way to make one embarrassed this way? We have to at least acknowledge that this must have been very embarrassing and also stressful for him. Had he acted in any little way to her name, that would have made news.

ahad raza mir expo
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So, what did he do? He handled the situation with grace and continued addressing the crowd. Provided that the news also just came out, this was highly insensitive of the crowd. Not everything can be done in the name of fun!

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Flashbacks of Something Else?

It appears our celebrity followers have some interest in doing this and it has especially been done with men both of the times. Remember when Asim Azhar and Hania were a thing? During that time after their breakup, people started chanting Hania’s name during one of his concerts.

ahad raza mir expo
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It appears people genuinely do this to get a reaction out of the stars for a headline the next day.

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