Samara Chaudhry Private Video Leaked
Credit; 422 Talent

Samara Chaudhry, a budding star of the Pakistani modeling industry is the new prey of cyberbullying, many of her private videos and pictures were leaked on social media yesterday.

Samara has worked in a number of commercials and done some great modeling assignments in the industry.

The private data was recorded in 2018 at a private hotel in Lahore and leaked after a year when we just experienced the scandal about Rabi Peerzada.

As per the sources, there is a group active in Lahore that is actually targeting young females from the media industry.

This group actually hacks the phones and access private data with the intention of leaking it online or selling it to the adult websites.

Pakistan has the highest percentage of internet censorship in the world. As per Dawn, there is almost a 70% rise in crime rates from 2017 to 2018. This is a high time government and regulatory institute should take serious majors to prevent such events from happening now. There is no comment from Samara at the moment on this incident.

“I’m sorry for being me” – Rabi Pirzada Pleads to be Saved

Rabi Peerzada bid goodbye to the industry after this scandal and requested the authorities to catch the culprits asap. Rabi’s data was leaked after she sold her phone to a small mobile seller in Lahore and she is sure he is the one behind the horrendous act.

The incident with Rabi also inspired a hashtag #IamRabiPeerzada, that celebrities and social media users used to show support to her. The leak and theft of private data is a punishable act under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2016. The punishment for the act is 10 years of jail time and a 10 million fine.

Tells us in the comments below, what majors one should take to save data from thieves.

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