Samsung Galaxy S24 and other color options
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Samsung never fails to astonish its users when it comes to leaks and reveals. No matter how small or big the piece of news is, the company always manages to bring an atmosphere to curiosity to the public. When the Samsung Galaxy S3 first came out, it revolutionized how we looked at smartphones and brought new technology to our hands.

Just like that, now we are seeing the release of Samsung Galaxy S24 soon. Among many rumors and leaks, we are coming to you with a fresh rumor. According to its details, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is going to be available in additional colors than we had previously expected!

new colors for the samsung phone out soon
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The Samsung Galaxy Rumors

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is expected to be launched in mid-January, and new details about color options have emerged from a leak. This means that the phone release is less than a month away and we already have quite a lot of details surrounding it. The color options also give us a hint that each color can be specific to a certain variant of the smartphone as well.

According to tipster Roland Quandt, a parts seller supplying SIM card slots for the phones, revealed that the standard and Plus editions will be available in new colors. Yes, this means that people looking for the base and plus variant are in for a surprise. The colors in question are expected to be orange, purple, and white. That sounds like quite a unique color range for the newest Samsung Galaxy phone.

Samsung S24 and other rumors to go with
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Leaks And Rumors Everywhere

Samsung is likely to assign special names to these colors, following its trend of using labels like “Phantom Black” and “Cream” for flagship devices. This even gives off a unique vibe to the brand since these color names are then referred to all over the market. Additionally, it seems that this rumor aligns with some of the previous leaks that have been seen in regards to the Samsung phone.

Previous rumors suggested a range of colors for the Samsung Galaxy S24, including black, gray, violet, yellow, orange, light blue, and light green, with this leak confirming orange and violet while adding white to the lineup.

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