Actor Meiraj Haq Catches A Husband Publicly Beating His Wife In DHA, Islamabad
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It looks like the violence and domestic abuse incidents are nowhere to stop unless there is accountability for the crimes. Yesterday, yet another case of domestic violence was caught on camera in a renowned restaurant in DHA Islamabad by the actor Meiraj Haq.

Meiraj Haq Caught A Husband Beating His Wife 

Yesterday, Meiraj Haq took to Instagram to share the news, which was witnessed by many in a restaurant in Islamabad. He recorded an incident where the husband was physically abusing his wife in public. However, no one came forward to help the victim, and everyone remained still as a bystander.

Take a look at the video.

As soon as the actor intervened, the husband started shouting at him too. He moved on to say that; She is my wife. You have no right to do anything about it. Adding, I was beating her up because it’s my problem.

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The situation seemed to keep escalating. However, the actor informed the authorities so that appropriate measures could be taken to protect the victim.

Meiraj Haq’s Stance On The Incident 

Later the actor took to social media to explain the situation regarding the incident. He stated;

“I did everything I could do to protect the safety and wellbeing of women. I reached out to the police, DHA and all those who could take measures to ensure her safety. Today, the authorities and I talked to her, and she mentioned that Im happy with my husband, and I have no issues whatsoever. Kindly terminate the case because it’s a matter of my respect.”

He then added;

“I refrained from posting personal details regarding both husband and wife because the situation is critical and should be addressed carefully. I did everything I could do to try and manage the situation.”

He then pleaded with the public to notice the alarming rise in domestic violence cases. “If you see someone in help, kindly move forward and help them as much as you since our parents and religions teach us to do so.”

Amidst the alarming situation, the domestic violence bill presented by Shiren Mazari has not been passed as of yet. Meanwhile, it’s high time that authorities take some measures to ensure the safety and well-being of women in our society.

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