Urfi Javed who gained public attention for her style choices while competing on Big Boss, where she famously donned a dress crafted from a garbage bag. Notably, Javed has been known for wearing unconventional outfits, such as dresses made from watches, yellow flowers, chains, and pins, as highlighted by Indian publication outlet Lifestyle Asia.

While Urfi’s fashion sense might have gained her recognition globally, it is no surprise that she has a Pakistani fan following as well. However, with passing day it seems like her style is getting out of hand and Pakistani actor Aagha Ali has also taken account.

Taking to his social media, Aagha Ali shared her recent post which again showed walking out with a bizarre outfit. Dressed in a black dress made up with an installation of the universe, her outfit might only tempt a science geek.

“So, now she is pregnant with the universe. What on earth is going on man!” Wrote Aagha in her Instagram story.

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As she is seen heading out, Urfi is notably uncomfortable in the video. Meanwhile, she is also unable to walk as her managers are trying to hold her costume made out of a solar system.

What are your thoughts on the actress’s bizarre fashion sense? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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