Neelam Gokulsing, a Hindu woman from Mauritius, observes fasts during the sacred month of Ramadan. This is her unique method of self-discovery that she began practicing back in 2021. Her fasting journey began as a gesture of solidarity with her Muslim friends. She lived in Malaysia as a student and later as a professional.

“Malaysia has a significant Muslim population. I started fasting during Ramadan there in 2021. I have many Muslim friends in Malaysia, and we used to share suhoor and iftar meals. For me, it was about showing support and understanding their culture, even though I am Hindu,” Neelam expressed all this in an interview with a Gulf-based news channel.

After relocating to Dubai to pursue her career at a Fintech company, the 26-year-old continued her fasting practice. “This experience also helped me realize the challenge of abstaining from food and water while juggling work,” Neelam shared.

She also highlighted the spiritual aspect of fasting, emphasizing its role in self-purification and embracing associated principles. For Neelam, suhoor is a simple meal. Whatever is available in the fridge to help throughout the day. However, iftar is a little special as she can’t wait to break the fast with her colleagues. Their meals typically include dates, juices, fruits, vegetables, and meats ordered in or enjoyed at a restaurant.

neelam gokulsing
Neelam Gokulsing

Neelam has developed a heightened awareness of her habits, desires, and thought patterns through fasting. Additionally, she also aims to learn Arabic. To her it’s a better way to connect with locals in their native language, furthering her cultural understanding.

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