Pakistani model, Adnan Zafar, affectionally known as the country’s first Ken doll, is one of the celebrities who embarked on a spiritual journey to Mecca this month.

Zafar’s fans have been living through his journey vicariously with all updates on Instagram and thanked him for inspiring them with his spiritual awakening.

“This part of my life is called Peace,” the 34-year-old international influencer wrote with a compilation of wholesome memories from his Umrah pilgrimage.

Actresses Maya Ali and Momina Iqbal also took to Instagram recently to share highlights from their sacred pilgrimage.

Previously, the Dubai-based makeup mogul made headlines alongside Faryal Makhdoom to flaunt their striking resemblance to Barbie and Ken.

Zafar rose to fame after his cosmetic procedures, with an estimated cost of 1.5 million rupees for his nose job alone.

“I had my hair transplant done, I wanted dense hair that’s why I had it, I had my botox done, I had laser for eyebrows but I have a natural good eyebrows, I did not touch my original eyebrows shape, I had my rhinoplasty done because I had a round (droppy) nose, I didn’t feel pain while having rhinoplasty, I had my lip fillers, I had chin fillers, I got my full body laser done and I also do monthly fat freezing of my abdomen area”. He also explained the procedure of fat freezing.

The British influencer initially worked in the hotel management industry in Pakistan and moved to Dubai later on to progress in his career.

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