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If you belong to South Asia, is it even possible that you do not know about the universality of turmeric? Anything happens, and the brown mom will get you a glass of milk with turmeric in it. But turmeric has many more benefits and that is why you should definitely add it to your lifestyle.

1. Curcumin May Help Prevent Cancer

Curcumin is found in turmeric. This ingredient helps with various types of cancers including colorectal, pancreatic, prostate, breast, and gastric cancers. Why? because the ingredient is anti-inflammatory and tumor growth is linked with inflammation. Research conducted in mice indicates that the ingredient slows the spread of tumor cells prevents the tumor-forming altogether as well.

2. Protect Against Heart Disease

Curcumin in turmeric improves the health of the thin membrane covering the heart as well as the blood vessels. The issues with lower endothelial function are linked to age which increases the risk of heart diseases. The use of turmeric can lower these risks.

3. May Help Treat or Prevent Diabetes

People with a family history of diabetes should also increase their use of turmeric because not only can it prevent the illness but also help treat it. It is also effective when it comes to treating related illnesses like diabetic nephropathy aka diabetic kidney disease. The study was done on animals and not on humans.

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4. Reversing Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s or the Mad Cow disease has no cure. It is also hereditary. When people get diagnosed with it in early stages, more than the disease itself, they get stressed due to the thought of it intensifying. Curcumin can help here. If you use turmeric regularly, it can delay Alzheimer’s if you are prone to getting it. and reverse the effects if you have already evoked them.

5. Treating Depression

As someone who has studied psychology a bit, there are various ways to help treat depression. Every psychologist and psychiatrist has their own method of going about the treatment plan. But we can also not deny the fact that most brown communities still avoid the psychology talk. If that is the case, people do not even go to the relevant professional. While we do endorse seeking professional help but the ingredients found in turmeric can also help out all the serotonin you need. Of course, read up on the researches conducted as well.

6. Turmeric can also help with skin health

You can get much help from this amazing ingredient with regard to your acne, eczema (atopic dermatitis), photoaging, and psoriasis problems. What makes turmeric interesting is not how the ingredient can help with such skin disorders but also that it is safe even if the intake amount is high.

7. Anti-aging supplement

Did you know you could use turmeric as an anti-aging supplement? Of course, it doesn’t reduce your age but your bodily function and your skin, they get the nutrition making you feel like you are on top of the world even at the age of 50. So what say?

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8. Eye degeneration

The eye is an organ that is extremely vulnerable but we take it for granted. With time, most people are even prone to getting Gluacoma. More frequent than rare, the vision cannot be restored. It is better to safeguard your eye from the beginning then, isn’t it?

So, what say, fellow desis? Are you ready to appreciate your mom for giving you haldi doodh all those times?

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