There is nothing worse than the feeling of going back to work or university after a week off. For most of us here in Pakistan, it was a blessing to have five days off this Eid ul Fitr 2017!

We here in Pakistan we definitely know how to make an entire vacation out of anything. But now the vacation is coming to an end and we are absolutely dreading going back to work.

Here are a few thoughts running through our heads every time, the clock hand inches closer to and closer to the dreaded Monday.


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1. So not ready for Monday

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes. Nothing and I mean nothing has prepared us for the day after a long week of BBQs, hangouts and those never- ending daawats.



2.The dreaded alarm clock

If there is one thing about the holidays that we enjoy more than anything, it is the thought of waking up to an alarm clock. There is nothing more annoying than the shrill voice, responsible for waking you up for another day at the office.


3.Work, work and more work

With the holiday fever on our mind, we tend to push back on the work. The thought of unanswered emails and file reports is enough to give us nightmares!


4.The annoying co-workers

How amazing is it that we did not get one or two, but in fact five days away from those annoying co-workers. But vacations over, time to get back to those fake smiles and hugs.


5. No more three oh- so-awesome meals a day

Gone are the daawats and those never ending family dinners that we had so gotten used to. Now it is back to those boring client lunches and cafeteria sandwiches.


6.Clients, clients, and more clients

Speaking of clients , all those that you had been ignoring over the holidays by repeatedly pressing the silent buttons are now there to welcome you back.


7.No more sleeping in

The thought of not putting an alarm is a blessing. But what is even better is thought of sleeping in. Sadly with the extended vacation over, the sleeping in late mode is also off. Goodbye sleep!


8.No more binge watching

Some of us have those endless family gatherings that tend to continue even after Eid is pretty much over. But for others, there is a nonstop marathon to catch up on all of our favorite shows we have missed out on.


Good bye holidays! We will miss you..

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