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Winter season brings along with it a myriad of myths that often tends to hinder the way we enjoy this season. Staying healthy during winter is another crucial thing to make sure you have the most fun. Trying to maintain good health is optimum but can be done without indulging and believing in certain myths. Today, we debunk some of them so you can enjoy this season to the fullest.

1. Allergies Go Away When The Temperature Drops

According to experts, allergies are often worse during the winter season and both indoor and outdoor allergens tend to have the same effect. If your symptoms are relieved after taking an antihistamine, it’s time for you to visit the health practitioner.

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2. Gloomy Weather Doesn’t Require Sunscreen 

“Because the Earth’s surface is closer to the sun during the winter months, we are exposed to more harmful rays without even realizing it,” says experts. Make sure to leather up even if the sun is down because in all its glory it still is releasing harmful rays which tend to cause major damage.

3. Lack Of Sunlight = Depression 

Gloomy weather is usually linked with depression and mood changes. However, the truth is far from it. Busy schedules, routine changes, and spending more time indoors during winter might be the actual cause of weather changes.

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4. Working Out In The Cold Is A Big No 

Research shows that running during winter increases the pace and burns more calories. Meanwhile, a faster workout can spike your endorphin levels which can increase your energy levels.

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5. Flu Shots Can Make You Sick 

Flu shots can make you sick sometimes but it’s probably due to a reaction to the flu shot. The side effects include fever and soreness which resembles flu because the vaccine which is made from a dead virus triggers the immune system.

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6. Temperature Rise Can Cause Hairfall

A Zurich study conducted on 823 women for six years found that the most hair is lost in the summer and the least in the winter. The dry scalps can result in hair growing unhealthy, brittle, and breakable hair which might look like you are losing hair.

7. The Temperature Of Drinks 

Once you swallow a liquid it adjusts to your body temperature. Whether cold drinks cause cold and hot drinks to help you keep warm, is more of a myth than the actual truth.

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8. Antibiotics Cures A Cold

Antibiotics are effective against bacteria. The same is not true in the case of a cold since it is caused by a virus. The best way to recover from a cold is to increase fluid intake and manage your symptoms.

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