protect child inappropriate content
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The internet is a dark and scary place for adults and children alike. However, while adults may be able to fend for themselves, children can not. They can be exposed to things that can stunt their growth. Here’s how you can protect them:

1. Keep Private Info Private 

Always teach your kids never to reveal their real names or their age. Ask them to keep private information private be it their address, their school, activities or playing places. The same rule goes for any other personal information that can put them at risk.

protect child inappropriate content
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2. Take Advantage Of Your Browser’s Parental Controls

Don’t take these parental controls for granted. The majority of Internet browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer) have parental controls. They come with an Internet options folder in which you can easily set up security safeguards. Moreover, they have content filters for language, nudity, sex, and violence.

3. Chaperone Your Child’s Every Online Chat 

You should be there when they talk to someone online. If your children are talking to someone online, make sure it is only those friends that are from real life. Anyone random can be child predator, or identity thieves pretending to be friends.

protect child inappropriate content
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4. Check The Apps They Download

Often they can download apps that have unsafe features. Or they can download apps that allow internet chatting. Apps like these can expose them to harmful features and make them maturer than their age.

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5. Kids Should Not Be Online Shopping Alone

Kids can often memorize personal information and use it to shop online. However, they can also make purchases on apps that already have your information fed in. In that case, make sure you’re always sitting beside them when they’re about to shop. 

protect child inappropriate content
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6. Install Mature Content Filtering Software

There is an app called Net Nanny which does all the work for you. It has software that automatically wipes out lurking pornographic, violent or otherwise sketchy things. Most of the times kids can find a link that is a hacker trap, it protects them from that.

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7. Keep Track of Online Times

Kids can also be encouraged to go here and there when they have a lot of time at hand. Hence, limit their screen time and always be with them while they are on the screen also. This way if they know they have limited time, they remain on guard.

protect child inappropriate content
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