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It’s a herculean task to not get your kids spoiled in today’s time. With technology, lockdowns and everything in place, kids can forget some important values. Here’s what to do to not get your kids spoiled.

1. Get Them To Do Chores

Children should be given age-appropriate chores. Small things can help you lighten the load around the house. Plus, it can help your children develop a sense of responsibility and self-esteem. They can feel accomplished and important in how the house runs. 

2. Thank Yous Must Be Learnt

Your child needs to know a ‘thank you’ comes before everything. Whether it’s for a meal prepared for them or a gift they just received, the thank you must come first. It should never have to be prompted.

not spoil kids
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3. Discipline Your Child

Setting firm boundaries for your children is also very important to not make them spoiled. These expectations – that they follow – can make a huge difference in how a child behaves as they grow up.  

not spoil kids
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4. Raise a Charitable Child

A child who learns to consider the needs of others has a high chance of not being spoiled. Teaching children to go beyond and develop a desire to help the needy is a child who is less spoiled.

5. Instil the Value of Money

Money values are extremely important. They determine whether your child lands on the spoiled side or on the not spoiled side of life.

When your child learns about budgets, is given an allowance in which they must fulfil their desires, they know money costs. They will be less likely to whine about unnecessary things then.

not spoil kids
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6. Presents Under Control

Limits must be imposed on the gifts given to children. Between birthdays, Eidis, results gifts and everything, they have enough toys to open a toy store. Uncontrolled generosity can make them feel entitled, keep it in control.

7. Don’t Protect Them From Unhappiness

Know that to raise an unspoiled child, your job is not to protect them from unhappiness. This can lead to them developing an inability to handle tough situations. Moreover, a sense of ungratefulness for what they have in good times.

8. Have Fun Cheaply

Play with kids without doling out money. This can tell them that a good time is not linked to how rich one is. It’s all about the people, their company and your own sense of gratefulness.

not spoil kids
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9. Reward Them With Time

If your child has just done something for which they deserve a gift, hold back on the toys. Instead, take them out for a one-on-one date! They will start valuing memories, people and time.

not spoil kids
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