underrated pizza places lahore
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Pizza is an essential part of life and more so for a foodie from Lahore. However, if you’re tired of eating from the big names and want to try some new places, your search ends here. These underrated pizza places deserve a try! So, get going!

1. Mozzarella27

This pizza joint is located in two prime locations i.e. Gulberg and Davis Road which makes this an ideal place. As their name suggests, their speciality is a high percentage of Mozzarella cheese used in their pizzas. Their BBQ Tex is a must-try for spice lovers and Cheese n Cheese for those who want to OD on cheese.


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2. Fork n Knives

This joint is located in Johar Town and is a branch of a brand from Faisalabad. The place is always serving fresh and cheesy piping hot pizzas. They don’t compromise on toppings or quality ever.

underrated pizza places lahore
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3. Jalal Sons

Jalal sons is known for grocery and bakery usually. However, if you’re smart, you will know that their food is next-level good. Be it sandwiches, burgers or even pizzas! Their pizzas are made fresh and are tantalizing for the tastebuds. Enjoy it the next time you go for grocery.


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4. Pasta & Pizza

This place in Defence is a must-try for a good low-key pizza. It’s the perfect pizza with a balanced touch of valeti and desi— just how Pakistanis like their pizzas! Since it’s a small quaint place you will also enjoy the ambience.

underrated pizza places lahore
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5. Solli’s Pizza

Solli’s pizza is only a pop-up and keeps changing place. Nowadays, they’re open in race-course park and serve stone-oven pizzas. The crust is chewy and light and the toppings are super fresh. The best part is the sides you get with some of them aka hot honey— must try!


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6. Sweet Tooth

The Sweet Tooth pizza is a hidden gem in Lahore and wherever the brand is located. They serve deep dish pizzas which are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you’re feeling experimental, they are a must-try! The fresh toppings, warm crust, and delicious marinara sauce is an excellent combo.


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7. Brasserie

Brasserie is a restaurant located in Gulberg, in the very exclusive and posh Mall 1 area. Their pizza is not that popular however, we believe it should be. It’s got all the qualities one finds in a good pizza. Their best flavour is the Margarita which is light yet also a good mouthful.


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