7 Techniques That Will Make You A Better Driver!
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There’s more to being a responsible driver than just obtaining a driving license. Driving is about focus, precision, the ability to make decisions in seconds, following the rules, and much more.

When behind the wheel, you are not only responsible for your life and the lives of your passengers, but also pedestrians and those in passing vehicles. Hence, you must take this task seriously.

There are many tips and tricks that help you become more skilled. Hence today, we will share a list of 7 techniques that will make you a better driver.

7 Techniques That Will Make You A Better Driver!

1. Adjust The Mirrors, Seat & Gears Before Moving Out

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Often you’ll see drivers fidgeting around the mirrors or seats in between the journey. However, it is always a good idea to position everything accordingly before you head-off so that you are not distracted.

2. Sit-In Proper Driving Position

Slouching and sinking in the car seat will not only hurt your posture but make you feel down and uncomfortable. Sitting in an upright position will help you stay focused on the roads and will help you maintain a proper body frame. Hence, keep your hands on the wheel, back straight up, and chest at least a foot away from the airbag module.

3. Take Advance Car School Courses

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If you still feel like you do not have complete control over your focus when driving, its always a good idea to take car-control driving lessons from driving schools. This will help you improve your skills and prepare you for the road, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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4. Pay Attention To Traffic Lights

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, following the rules at a traffic signal is super hard for many individuals, be on a bike, in a car, or other means of transport. For your safety, you must keep your eyes on the traffic light to ensure you don’t accidentally ram into someone who is trying to break a signal.

5. Say “No” To Aggressive Driving

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Yes, you’re starving and can’t wait to get home to that piping hot plate of food, or that an important meeting is about to start and you are stuck in traffic. Whatever the situation may be, you don’t have the right to put others around you in danger as you drive like a maniac trying to take cuts and speed over the limit. A meeting delayed can be excused, and food can be re-heated, but lives can’t be returned once lost.

6. Fasten Seatbelts

A majority of the families in Pakistan do not buckle up their seatbelts. Many vehicles do not have seatbelts inside them. The belts help protect you and your family members from brutal accidents.

Belts are designed to tighten when force is applied so that the person wearing the belt does not go flying across the vehicle! If you wish the safety of your family, make sure everyone is buckled up before leaving home.

7. Keep A Safe Distance

safe distance
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Another bad habit of Pakistani drivers is that many of them d not keep a safe distance between their vehicle and the driver in front of them. Maintaining a safe distance will allow you to hit the brakes on time without ramming into the car in the front. This will save you time and money and a trip to the expensive mechanic!

We hope these tips help you become better and more observant drivers.

Stay safe and stay tuned to Brandsynario.

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