5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your First Car
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Buying your very first car can be very exciting. Not only do you feel proud of yourself, but you also invest your money in something you have been looking forward to for a long time.

While the power to buy your first car is thrilling, there are a few mistakes drivers make. These mistakes can be anything, from not having enough research to saying the wrong thing in front of the car salesperson.

To save yourself from regretting spending lakhs on something you’d regret, here are five mistakes to avoid when buying your first car!

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your First Car

1. Don’t Go With The ‘Eeny Meeny’ Method

The biggest mistake you can ever make when purchasing a new car is to walk into a showroom and use the ‘eeny meeny’ method to pick one randomly. It would help if you were sure about which car you want to buy. For this, you’ll have to conduct proper and thoro research.

For example, conduct basic research on what is the difference in a sedan and a hatchback, which car offers better mileage, which car has more features that cater to your need. Do some digging about the offers the brand or showroom may be offering.

2. Don’t Drool Over The First Car You See

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It’s relatively easy to fall in love with a car as soon as you set your eyes on it. But, first love is not always the right one or the last one. The vehicle may be attractive in terms of its exterior, but it may not be the right choice for you when it comes to its interior, cost of maintenance, fuel average, and more.

When the salesperson realizes that you are fixed on one car, he or she will do everything to sell it to you; they won’t even offer to show you better options that you can get probably for a better price.

3. Focusing Too Much On Monthly Payments

For many drivers, monthly payments are like a honey trap they are lured into. A skillful dealer can get you into almost any car at a given monthly payment by tinkering with the terms of the deal.

One example of this can be that you tell your dealer that you want to pay Rs—15,000 monthly for a car. A sharp dealer can get you to sign a 7-year car loan at high interest for Rs. 15,000 monthly.

In the end, it’s your loss.

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4. Falling For Dealer Deals

Once you have decided on a car, the dealer will try to sweet talk you into buying some deals which they will claim are exclusive to the dealership only. The contracts can be anything from a paint job to rim insurance, extended warranties, and more. The truth is that these unnecessary items and deals may cost you more than a professional mechanic may charge for the same thing.

5. Visit More Than One Dealership

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Each dealership operates differently. Just because there may be one near to your place or because a relative bought a car from it mean its perfect for you. Be sure to have visited at least 3-4 different dealerships to learn about their payment methods, price plans, markups, etc. Once you have all the information, you can lock one down.

Now that you are aware of 5 mistakes to avoid when buying your first car, we hope that the experience remains ecstatic for you.

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