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Prince Charming was released only on Friday and since then, has crossed over 1,092,186 views on YouTube. This is a huge achievement for the short-film directed by none other than Sheheryar Munawar. However, if you’re one of the very few people who still haven’t seen it, let us convince you.

1. The Director is Trustworthy

Sheheryar Munawar is one of the leading actors in the industry. His acting projects have all spoken for themselves. Moreover, it’s his advocacy for subjects that matter that persuades us that his film will have something of value.


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2. The Cast Is Not To Be Missed

Starring in the film is none other than Mahira Khan and Zahid Ahmed. Both of them have shown they are made of sheer talent in their acting projects. When two such incredible actors come together, we are bound to see a spark.

pakistani short film prince charming
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3. It Tackles An Important Issue

The issue it tackles at the heart of it is post-marital depression. This is an important issue because not only is it being explored from a woman’s perspective, it is also being explored for the first time. We don’t acknowledge this enough as a society, Prince Charming has taken the initiative.

4. Mental Health Awareness

This film also makes people aware of certain boundaries and conditions that come with mental illnesses. The protagonist is suffering from depression and she is being treated for it— encourages our audience to normalise it. However, it also shows that the environment also complements the medications, focus on that!

pakistani short film prince charming
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5. Contributes To The Social Climate Positively

The social climate at the moment is sensitive for women. With many gruesome cases of violence against women coming out, women are speaking up. Prince Charming tackles an issue many women suffer from and are also punished for. It’s time to change that.

6. People Love It!

pakistani short film prince charming
Image Source: Youtube

If you don’t trust our word, simply trust other viewers. The YouTube comments section is full of nuanced reviews and praises that will convince you. The reasons they provide are totally convincing. Prince Charming is a must-watch.

7. It’s A Short Film

Short films are severely underrated. Yes, longer films have the luxury of unfolding at their own pace and give more depth. However, there’s nothing like a short film to pack a punch and impact the audience. This short film ensures you will not waste your 12 minutes. Then what are you waiting for?

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