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We staunchly believe that food bloggers should be punishable by law. They must pay for the cravings they give us by posting drool-worthy pictures of meals and always trying out new restaurants! Consider this a warning: peruse this list of the best food bloggers only on a full stomach or you’ll be suffering!

1. Girl Gotta Eat – @girlgottaeat_

The GGE community is 19.2K strong and we can totally understand why. Not necessarily a food blog, this is an online food content and platform that features only the best across the country. You can always trust to find under-rated small cafes, new places, best home-based things at this venue.


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Plus, have we mentioned their amazing recipes? They’re tried and tested, you won’t regret it.

2. Chaaye Biscuit – @chaayebiscuit

Another food blogger based in Islamabad keeps on stealing our hearts (and cravings). ChaayeBiscuit will give you a run-down on the best places to eat your heart out at in Islamabad. Their community spans over 20K followers which should tell you how trustworthy their reviews are. You can find reviews/suggestions and whole lotta food on their highlights. 

If you’re looking for engaging captions plus easy recipes to test out while you await this pandemic, this should be your go-to!

3. Ali Motiwala – @foodstagrampk

Standing at over 40K followers, this is one of the best food blogs our country has to offer. Ali Motiwala’s pictures are beyond captivating, so much so that you can not scroll through his account without salivating.

A man of many talents, this food blog is a side-hustle of his which features many of his own recipes too!

4. Humayun Eats A Lot! – @humayuneatsalot

This is one of the accounts we have been following long enough to know there’s quality content on there. Humayun’s food adventures all over Karachi result in honest reviews about places so “you can order wisely”. And would we love anything more than that?

If you’ve got a sweet tooth this might be your favourite place because Humayun’s got a sweet tooth too (lucky us!)

5. HamzasFoodVentures 

Hamza’s Food Ventures is also an incredible food blog that can make your stomach growl. His account features an array of vibrant food pictures that have recommendations for you. Let us not forget he’s also the founder of a home-based venture which has delectable treats for KHI peeps.

6. Aqsa Fawad – @gottablogger

Aqsa’s account is a must-follow because, in her own words, she’s “munching while doing makeup.” Her account is a well-rounded blog that features food recs, pictures and experiments alongside other things.


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If you’re wanting to follow someone who’s going to show you a bit of travel, a bit of style and a bit of food, look no further!

7. Murrad Gillani – @murrad_gillani

One of our oldest follows and it never gets old! Murrad Gillani started blogging about food a while ago which led him to find his calling – making his own food for the world! Think insanely goo-ey, chocolatey cookies and fiery hotdogs, this guy will make sure you have the food of your lifetime. Follow for instant calories!

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