In today’s age, any celebrity with a stylist and designer wear to don can become a style icon! Some celebrities, however, are the real deal! They don’t need designer wear to look chic, neither do they need a stylist, rather, they are movers and shakers of the style world on their own terms.

They are those who are comfortable in their skin and exude personality in what they wear. It is all about how they carry themselves and that’s what makes them a true style icon.

To give you a cue or two to amp up your style game, we have developed a list of the true style icons of the Pakistani entertainment industry.

1. Meesha Shafi

Meesha exudes a fierce and unique fashion sense. The sassy singer-turned-actor never hesitates in pushing boundaries when it comes to fashion. Edgy, razor-sharp and statement making are perfect words to describe her demeanor.

Novelty bags that she carries, statement shoes that she wears and short locks she flaunts, makes her a force to be reckoned in the fashion arena.

2. Maheen Khan

Her personality oozes grace and elegance. She knows fashion inside out and is definitely an individual in Pakistan’s fashion industry whose contribution means a lot. With her grey hair, she almost always get spotted in black dresses, but every time you look at her, you find something refreshing owing to her eclectic sense of style.

Style is innate to her, she is a gifted designer and she truly revolutionized the way women dress up – from ramps to the red carpet – we simply cannot imagine our fashion industry without her.

3. Syra Shehroz

It’s not only her innocent face and a bubbly personality that drives her fans mad, but she also has a style of her own. The actress’s unrelenting fashion approach never lets her followers down. Syra knows how to harness the power of the unexpected and use it to her advantage.

An all neon ensemble, a retro vibe, sleek bangs, dark lips; she always brings a surprising element to her look!

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3. Feeha Jamshed

Her fashion sense is timeless and her personality poised. A perfect combination of the two ingredients brings to the fore a style statement that is so hard to resist.

The famous designer’s effortless style actually epitomizes an ideal wardrobe that every fashionista dreams of. Style runs in her blood and is definitely one of the ultimate fashion royalties of Pakistan.

4. Hina Rabbani Khar

Hina Rabbani Kher is a practical iteration of ‘beauty with brains’. The youngest person and the first woman to hold the position of Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, the lady always looks polished with elegance.

Her ultra luxe Hermes bags and Parada glasses may be her style arsenals, but her simple shalwar suits simply reveals that style is no rocket science; it’s just about being who you are.

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5. Imran Khan

One person to whom style comes oh-just-so-easily is our Pakistani cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan. A whole generation grew up watching this cricket legend exude just so grace and elegance. We all have seen him in sportswear, crisp white shalwar kameez and dapper suits.

None of us have ever seen the man in a sloppy attire. His charismatic personality and perfect dress sense contributes to the man’s inimitable style.

6. Fawad Khan

From an immaculate dress sense to his primped self, Fawad Khan knows how to up his style game. Be it a tuxedo or a waistcoat over a classical kurta pajama, whatever he wears, he owns it! When it comes to grooming, Fawad is a sort of style chameleon.

Fawad Khan can flaunt any look with style! Be it an English gentleman in a three-piece suit with primped hair, or messed up hair in a casual attire gracing the cover of a magazine. The singer-turned-actor is irrefutably an influential style icon to follow.

7. Wiqar Ali Khan

This Pashtun hunk has what it takes to be a true style glam. With a chiselled physique, sleek-back ‘do, a bright smile and a perfect dress sense, Wiqar looks like a classic Hollywood celebrity. He is a risk-taker and someone who can look dapper in a classic three-piece black tuxedo and don a peach-colored dress shirt, at the same time!

His fearless experimental style has garnered him a strong following in the fashion world.

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