If there is one thing that Karachiites love, it’s food! And out of all the different variety of cuisines that are available, it’s the hot and spicy BBQ that is a favorite among the locals.

The delicious aroma of the meat and spices cooking on the grill is more than tempting – it’s downright impossible to resist!

And with so many BBQ places in town, it can be downright impossible to decide on the one to go for. But, as always, we are here to guide you!

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So with that said, here’s our round-up of the best places if you are in the search for mouthwatering and succulent BBQ!

1) Kolachi

Undoubtedly one of the most scenic places to visit with your friends and family with the most beautiful of views of the Arabian Sea; Kolachi is the perfect blend of aromatic and delicious food with the best ambiance the town has to offer!

2) Meerut Kabab House

Juicy and absolutely divine, the different variety of aromatic BBQ offered at Meerut is possibly the best in town! Guess that’s why there are a number of outlets in Karachi!

3) Bar.B.Q Tonight

They aren’t kidding when they say “fire up those tastebuds”! The food there is so good that you will be licking your fingers by the end of your meal! Oh, and did we mention that aside from BBQ they have a ton of other cuisines as well?

4) Zamir Ansari 

Be it their ‘Dhaga Kahab’ or their ‘Chicken Reshmi Kabab’, Zamir Ansari is definitely on the top of our must-try list of BBQ places in town!


One of the oldest and finest BBQ places Karachi has to offer, this is a place that you cannot miss if in the mood for some juicy ‘Chicken Tikkas’!


For an extra kick of “spice and all that’s nice”, Kababjees is a place that you cannot miss! Authentic flavors are the specialty of this eatery and once you start eating, it’s hard to stop – it’s that good!

Bundu Khan

Another old-charmer that Karachi has to offer, Bundu Khan is SO good that it has it’s branches not just in Pakistan but in other countries as well!

Well there you have it – our top 7! Which one is your favorite?

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