6 tops to work from home effectively and productively
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Do you know, a couple of months ago, Twitter allowed its employees to work from home forever? Yes, and it’s not the only one to do so. Businesses are changing, and so is the business world.

Work from home is more inexpensive and convenient for firms. It is quite possible that most of us would work from home in the coming five years. Working from home is suitable for employees as well, but one can quickly feel lazy and unmotivated.

Here are six ways you can improve your work from home.

  1. Select a home workspace

    stay hydrated when you work from home
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  2. First of all, you must pick a spot that is comfortable and free of distractions. You mustn’t slouch in your bed or sofa while working. Environment plays a crucial role in increasing one’s productivity; hence, you must have a designated space where there is everything you may need while working. This will help you stay motivated. You can personalize your work area with your favorite scented candles, some fairy lights, and your coffee cup.
  3. Don’t forget to drink water

  4. The most important thing while you work from home is not to neglect your health. One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of staying hydrated. Most people don’t drink enough water when working at the office due to their busy schedules, unavailability of water, and various other reasons. Now is the time to prioritize your well-being.
  5. Here’s a quick tip: it has been scientifically proven that water has memory. Dr. Masaru Emoto has conducted a series of experiments regarding how differently water reacts when you say good things or prayer over it to when you say bad things over it. Then, why not say something beautiful to your water before drinking it.
  6. Plan everything a night before

    tips on working from home and being productive
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  7. You remember how, when going to the office, you decided what clothes you’d wear, at what time you’d leave for work and everything you had to bring with you (I hope you did!) a night before? Let’s try to put the same kind of effort into working from home. Plan everything a night before, set your alarms, and clean your work area.
  8. Establish a morning routine

  9. Having to not go to the office shouldn’t mean you stay up and get up late. It is imperative to get up early in the morning and establish a morning routine for yourself. Getting up late will make you feel unaccomplished and incompetent the whole day. Instead, you can get up, exercise, have a healthy breakfast, shower, and then get to work.

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  10. Accomplish small tasks

  11. Working from home can get quite overwhelming at times. You may feel like you are not doing much. To fight this feeling, you can make a list of some small tasks that you aim to achieve in a day. It can be as low as getting out of bed, dressing out of your PJs, walking for 5 minutes, or calling a friend.
  12. Remember to take breaks

  13. In these times of turmoil, you must prioritize your health: both mental and physical. Taking 5-10 minute breaks after an hour or two will help increase your productivity. Don’t cling to the mobile phones in those breaks, but take a walk, meditate, or stretch.                                    Have any work from home tips? Let us know in the comment section below.For more news and updates, stay tuned to Brandsynario.