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Update: March 18 2020:

Just recently, HUM TV Network has also released an official statement about implementing work from home policy. However, they have clearly mentioned that essential staff/employees that are critical for uninterrupted daily operations will be allowed to come work whereas, the rest, can work from home

Here’s their official statement:

Image Source: HUM TV

The novel coronavirus has ended the lives of more than 4,000 people, as of Wednesday, and there are about 121,000 confirmed cases worldwide across in at least 81 states, with six COVID-19 related deaths in the US.

As the coronavirus spreads across other parts of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the US, major firms like Microsoft, Hitachi and Chevron are asking their workers to work remotely as a measure against the rapidly-spreading infection.

Furthermore, major firms like Oracle, Twitter, Apple, and Nestlé are restricting all non-essential business travel to keep the virus from spreading.

The same action is being taken in Pakistan as a result of the virus.

Source/ Daily Mail

Here’s the list of companies that are allowing their employees to work from home: 

(However, please note that some of the below-mentioned organizations have resumed working or may have been partially closed)

1. Reckitt Benckiser

2. Unilever

3. Engro

4. PnG

5. Byco

6. Total Parco

7. L’Oréal

8. Phillip Morris International

9. Careem

10. Lals Chocolates

11.  Sino Sindh Resources Pvt. Limited

12. Shanghai Electric



15. IRD Pakistan

16. Nielson

17. Telenor

18. Daraz (partially)

19. Taskeen Health Initiative

20. Alkaram

21. TPS

22. Zak technologies (Islamabad)


24. MPCl

25. MOL

26. Transworld Associates Pvt. Ltd.

27. Zindagi Trust

28. The Digital Factory

29. GSK (optional)

30. 10Pearls

31. Folio3

32. Qinvest Qatar

33. Airlift

34. Sasta Ticket

35. Eli Lilly

36. Rohde and Schwarz

37. Nokia

38. Cybernet

39. Dani & Dani Advocates & Legal Consultants

40. Kiran Foundation

41. Netsol Technologies (Lahore)

42. AzCorp Entertainment

43. Davaam (Optional)

44. Art Now Pakistan

45. Jazz

46. Empact Activation Services (optional)

47. Nestle

48. Mc Kinsey

49. Akhund Forbes

50. Sekurus International

51. DKT International

Working home in this situation has its perks and cons. While on the one hand, people are safe and feel secure as they sit at home – lack of good communication and loss of productivity are key concerns.