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A smartphone is quite an essential part of everyone’s life. Not only does it allow you to connect with people, but the availability of all kinds of applications on it enhances our abilities too. Back when Google Maps was not a thing, people used to refer to physical maps. Knowledge has become readily available in the palm of our hands.

However, keeping a smartphone also means taking care of it. Just like an automobile, a smartphone will give you a long life if taken care of properly. There are a couple of tips one can keep in mind when using a phone. Neither are they too tedious to do nor do they take up a lot of time.

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1. A Protective Case

Accidents can happen, a smartphone can fall out of your hands or from your pocket. It can get damaged. A sturdy protector ensures that the phone will be able to survive quite a lot of falls. A phone without a case is prone to dents, cracks and all kinds of costly damages.

2. Cleaning the Smartphone Speakers

Over time, dust can accumulate within the speakers or the microphone of the smartphone. It is better to needle out the dust from the speakers occasionally. Not only does it keep the sound of the phone clear, it does not cause damage to any internal circuitry due to settling dust.

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3. Smartphone Charging Practices

It is highly recommended to not let the smartphone sit and charge when it has reached its full capacity. Over time, such a practice can reduce battery life. Similarly, it is also recommended to not let the battery drop to zero all the time. On occasion, it is alright but it should not be a habit.

4. The Camera Lens

Just like the speaker, dust can also settle on the camera lens of the smartphone. If it is not cleaned often, the dust can cause scratches on the camera lens. That, in turn, is going to greatly reduce the qualities of the pictures you are able to take with the phone. Make sure to clean the lens with a soft and clean cloth.

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5. Smartphone Storage

If your smartphone has a 64GB storage capacity, it is recommended to not fill the storage more than 90%. Too many applications filled to the brim in a phone causes it to slow down or heat up. Make sure to always leave some storage empty.

6. Avoid Third Party Installations

It is better to avoid installing applications or downloading files from third-party applications. Data breach is a major concern in the industry today. Make sure to verify all links before downloading anything from them. One wrong file and you could have a virus in your system.

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Keeping the above tips in mind can give your smartphone a longer life.

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