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It has been almost four months since we are locked back home, and many of us are having trouble with our newly formed sleeping patterns. Getting better sleep is essential; it is directly linked to our productivity.

While fear and anxiety, due to the ongoing pandemic, can be the reason behind you not being in the best of state to sleep better, there could be other reasons as well. It is possible, due to the change in routine, your body just feels overwhelmed.

So what do you do to sleep better and beat insomnia? In this article, we will discuss six tips that can help you relax back and get a good night’s sleep.

1- Blue Light: While few of us are cautious enough to turn blue light off our phones, laptops, pads, tv, and other devices, many do not even know how they can play a significant role in disturbing your sleep cycle.

Here’s a trick: Many devices have an option, where the tools timely turn the blue light off automatically. Look into your device’s settings to make necessary changes.

How Can You Limit Blue Light with Night Shift on iPhone

2- Ditch Devices After Sunset: Just after sunset, ditch all the devices. Reconnect with nature, or just relax and pick up a book. Your body actively needs nourishment, and so does your brain. A hot shower, a hearty meal, little family time can substitute for long hours spent on social media.

3- Keep the Bedroom for Sleeping Purposes Only: Leave all your devices behind once going to bed. Typically bedrooms have a TV connected to Netflix and all kinds of exciting mediums that can force you to stay up at odd hours, which might as well just solve your problem.

Remove them from your sleeping area, dim the lights, get into a comfy attire. All these things should help you beat insomnia.

4- Maintain a Routine: You must maintain a routine even in the lockdown. Sleep on time so you can wake up on time and soak in the morning sun. This will help you sleep on time the following night and hence, become a habit of falling asleep quickly.

5- Naps: Napping is excellent when you have tons of work but not during the lockdown. Our movement is already significantly restricted. Physically our bodies are relatively less tired than our minds. If you nap between the day for long hours, sleeping at night can become a considerably more significant issue.

Skip the day time naps. Focus on getting the work done and sleeping only at night.

6- Sleep Inducing Essential Oils: Some sleep-inducing essential oils can help. Try using a few drops of Lavender Oil and Chamomile Oil behind your ears. These oils will help you greatly in relaxing your mind and falling asleep.

To top it all of, try indulging into healthy habits. Have a balanced diet, cut down on excessive sugar, incorporate workouts in your routine, drink enough water.

A healthy mind and a healthy body both will help you sleep better.

Please note that you must be able to identify if not being able to sleep has something to do with medication or another condition. 

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