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All those who have a lust for traveling can relate to many cliched quotes and instances. They may not always be entertaining, but it’s part and parcel of your passion for traveling!

1. The Warnings

Before every trip, you will have a family member or friend telling you that so and so the country is hazardous. They will then proceed to ask you what you have packed to take along. It’s as if they are concerned you’re going to the Bermuda Triangle and want to know whether you’re taking a satellite along!

travel relate
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2. Too Many Souvenirs, Too Little Place

Travelers can relate to the need to get a souvenir, big or small, from each place they visit. There are those too who get a souvenir on their body if you’re catching our drift, but we’ll let that slide for now! For travelers, space to keep mementos of the countries traveled can run out. Is there anything such as ‘Souvenir Shelf’?

3. The Pity Party

For many people in societies worldwide, traveling for a passion or even a living is something non-serious. You will come across many who will say, “Oh, we wish we could travel like you but…” and then dish out a long list of responsibilities. So bear in mind, when you start traveling, you have to collect all your obligations and dump them.

travel relate
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4. Your House Has You and Your Passport

Most travelers can relate to the fact that they initially sold their cars, TV, furniture, and organs to save for their dream trips. It isn’t easy hustling between countries, but there is also nothing that brings you greater joy. Besides, who needs those conventional things anymore, right?

travel relate
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5. Your Wallet Is A Global Citizen

As a traveler, your wallet will have several different currencies at every point in time. Be prepared for getting odd looks from cashiers when you pull out different money to pay for groceries. It’s either like a rainbow in there or like your personal photo album of all the great people featured on the notes.

6. The Destination Is More Important Than The Journey

travel relate
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As a traveler, the journey becomes monotonous like a run of the old mill. It’s the destination that starts taking precedence. There’s no feeling more incredible than seeing a place you had pinned to your wall for ages come alive in front of your eyes. Behold, your destination!

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