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There is a range of movies based on real-life and fictional natural disaster events. However, storm movies are some of the most epic, gripping and terrifying ones. Though they have become rare over time as plots follow more absurd and other-worldly disasters, these are some of the best storm movies out there.

1. The Hurricane Heist

One of the classics, this storm movie is set in Alabama. In it, a destructive hurricane named Tammy is approaching the town and a scientist working on hurricanes gets stuck in the facility. However, while she works on the generator, thieves storm into the property to conduct a heist worth $600 million.

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2. Twister

An oldie but a goldie for sure. The movie’s plot follows the expectation of the most powerful storm in decades. To prepare, a university professor and his students prepare a ground-breaking device that gathers data on tornadoes. However, the device gets copied by their rivals and in doing so, the tornado is almost here.

3. Into The Storm

This storm movie truly captures our worst fears. What begins as a normal day for the people in the movie ends with the onslaught of the most powerful tornado in the town. 

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4. Geostorm

One of the most interesting movies on the list. The story follows that an unprecedented series of natural disasters threaten the planet. As a result, a network of satellites is created to control the climate. What do you know? The satellites themself start attacking Earth. It’s only hours before a worldwide geostorm wipes out everything and everyone along with it.

5. The Perfect Storm

This storm movie is based on a true story. The movie shares the story of those valiant men and women who risk their lives every working day on seas. One day, they unexpectedly meet the greatest, fiercest storm in modern history which is then called the Perfect Storm.

6. 500 MPH Storm

This movie is believable and that is all the more terrifying. Basically, a disastrous energy experiment in the United States triggers a series of devastating hurricanes across the entire country. During that, a science teacher realises that the movement of the winds towards each other will result in a single continent-destroying storm. Will America survive? This movie has your answer.

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