budget phone features
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The age of technology is not slowing down. If we compare now and ten years ago, we can see considerable differences. However, many pieces of tech can be expensive. So, even if you buy a budget smartphone, what are some essential features?

Despite the smartphone being in the budget range, some features are absolutely important. Without them, the experience for the smartphone and feel quite incomplete. Let us dive into the details.

1. The Chipset

This is something that matters quite a lot in a smartphone. If you are getting a budget smartphone, it may not have the latest chipset. It is okay to buy a phone with a couple of generations older chipset. However, it is not recommended to buy a phone with a very old processor. That can cause a whole lot of performance issues.

2. Smartphone Body Quality

If the body of the phone is not of good quality, it won’t survive even a small fall. You have to make sure your phone has the ability to make it through a fall. Of course, phones can’t survive three-storey drops but they should survive side-table drops.

3. Amount Of RAM

When the Samsung S3 came out, 1GB ram used to be considered white a lot. Now, if you are going for a budget phone, make sure it has at least 2 GB ram. You can even find many with 3-4GB ram as well. This can make smartphones withstand a plethora of processes. It is a decision that can save you hours of pain and patience.

4. Storage Space:

Just like the RAM, storage space is also an essential feature. The storage capacity tells you how many applications can your phone keep in it. Having at least 32GB storage with an SD card slot is good. If the storage is 64, it is even better. The Realme 5i has 4GB Ram and 64 GB storage. It currently costs Rs.25,000/-

5. Battery Life On A Budget

This is quite common now in budget phones. While a big battery may add a little weight to the phone, it helps. The battery is something that can save you many hours of charging. A 4000mah battery, at least, is recommended. 5000mah can also be found in budget phones so make the selection wisely.

6. The User Interface

This is one of the most important features for a smartphone user. You can have the best phone but it needs to have a better interface. If the user does not like the UI or it is too confusing, that is a down point. Realme and Redmi both have impressive UI. In the end, it all boils down to what you prefer. However, it is recommended that you check out these features in any budget phone you buy.

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