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Winter in Pakistan has finally arrived. While some may enjoy the chilly nights, there are some who would never want to leave their cozy homes or rather stay busy putting on layers of clothes. For those who would like to stay indoors this winter, here are some affordable electric heaters you can buy to make your homes or office spaces even more cozy and warm:

  1. Hitachi Electric Room Heater

Price: Rs 2000

This strong electric room heater’s box shape makes it perfect for opulent household use. This infrared heater has unmatched safety features. For turning on each rod, there are two tiny buttons rather than any knobs. The large power connector further fortifies this heater’s defense against sparks and power outages in Pakistan. It is available on Daraz and OLX and gets delivered within a week

  1. NTN plus Carbon Heater

Price: Rs 2800

Electric Heaters You Can Buy In Pakistan At Amazing Prices

The best and most affordable carbon heater is the NTN Plus Carbon Electrical Heater. The element of a carbon infrared heater is constructed of carbon fiber, exactly like a light bulb, making carbon heaters the finest option. A carbon infrared heat lamp has a longer lifespan and a lower element temperature, both of which provide a gentle radiant heat that effectively warms the skin. Carbon heat lamps are appropriate for small spaces that benefit from close-up heating.

  1. Simbo Halogen Heater

Price: Rs 4000

Electric Heaters You Can Buy In Pakistan At Amazing Prices

Modern electric heater with a sleek and small design, the Simbo Halogen Heater is excellent for home usage and has a variety of applications based on where it is installed and its intended use. An oscillating thermostat on this halogen heater offers even warmth throughout the space. The heater is high-quality, has a long lifespan, and is simple to install and regulate. The heating element in it is halogen.

  1. Gree Electric GEH-800

Price:  Rs 7000

Electric Heaters You Can Buy In Pakistan At Amazing Prices

The Gree Electric Heater is the ideal remedy for Pakistan’s chilly winters. The Gree Electric Heater’s Quartz Tube and exquisite appearance make it the finest for interior aesthetics. Green quartz heaters are far more effective than fans and halogen heaters, giving you portable, eco-friendly warmth that will warm your home throughout the chilly winters.

  1. National Gold Fan Heater

Price: Rs 4990

Electric Heaters You Can Buy In Pakistan At Amazing Prices

A transportable fan heater is the National Gold NG-786-27M. It is a fantastic option for anyone who appreciate travelling and being outside. This compact fan heater is intended specifically for outdoor activities like camping and hiking. It may be utilized at home, at work, and in other settings. The device is really easy to use. Installing it is simple. It is really safe to use and simple. When you are outside, this device can keep you warm and cozy. It has a lengthy lifespan and is quite strong.

  1. Simbo Carbon Stand Heater

Price: 8500

Sinbo Price in Pakistan 2022

The Simbo Carbon Heater A-21 is a small, attractive heater that looks well in any room. It is mostly utilized in rooms like the bedroom, living room, study, workplace, and others. You may choose between 400W, 800W, and 1200W of electricity, depending on the size of the space. Being a freestanding item, it is also particularly practical for outdoor use. Metal and ABS are used to build the device. It performs oscillations.

All the above products can be delivered right to your doorstep by Daraz and Olx.

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