Nothing calls for winter nights more than good food and amazing company. The chilly winter breeze coupled with delicious food is everything you need to have a good time. Whether it’s a casual setting or a formal dinner spending time with your friends and family is the ultimate therapy. So, today, we share with you some amazing outdoor restaurants to have a taste of amazing food and weather.

1. Big Tree House

Big Tree House has an immaculate vibe that can not be matched. Whether you want to have a low-key dinner and chill out or want to spend the night with some zeal and zest the restaurant can always come to your rescue. With stunning indoor and outdoor arrangements, the location also makes for a perfect spot for birthday celebrations and dinners.

Located at:  Old Clifton Rd, Karachi

2. Ghalib Restaurant

A hint of desi never hurts anyone and in this case, lots of desi is sure a way to go. Ghalib is the latest addition to Karachi’s food scene. Taking the desi aesthetic up a notch, Ghalib’s reviews have been inevitable since day one. The rooftop seating arrangement is a perfect match to Karachi’s weather if you want to enjoy desi food in an amazing environment.

Located at: Rooftop at Habitt Building On Main Tipu Sultan 

3. Coconut Groove

Coconut Groove is another extremely aesthetically pleasing addition to Karachi’s food books. Straight out of a jungle fairytale, the tall trees, dim lights, spacious interiors, and soothing vibe makes the restaurant in all and all a perfect option for winter dinner parties.

Located at: Tipu Sultan

4. Cote Rotie

If you want to go on a little extravagant treat and don’t care about breaking the bank, then Cote Rotie is the perfect fit for you. Cote Rote lands among the best of the best eateries in Karachi and there is no doubt that the food is worth the hype. Add Cote Rotie to your must-visit spot and thank us later.

Located at: Clifton

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5. Clock Tower

If the cold doesn’t bother you and you fancy yourself a winter sea breeze, then try Clock Tower for a change. The perfect weather and food are bound to make your night a memorable one.

Located at: Defence Phase 6

6. Aylanto 

An oldie but goldie. Aylanto’s food never disappoints and neither does its environment. The soothing vibe and calm interior are everything you need if you are looking for some downtime with your friends or a significant other.

Located at: Clifton

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