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The number of food influencers and cooking videos keeps increasing over the years. Yet only a few truly influence the viewers by inspiring them and teaching them to some extent. Below are five of the food channels whose videos you can watch and implement without worrying about your skill.

1. Tabitha Brown

Your Tiktok feed must have shown Tabitha’s videos to you at least once or twice. Her videos starring vegan recipes paired with positive vibes and humor have quickly gotten the attention of many. The techniques she uses to make vegan food both look and sound so good that even her meat-eating skeptics have no criticisms. Our favorite recipes of Tabitha are perhaps her “hot dogs” with pecan chili and the most amazing carrot bacon tutorial.

2. Almazan Kitchen 

To all the nature enthusiasts and ASMR lovers; you were not forgotten. Instead of food that is likely to be cooked on an open fire, Chef Alex Almazan cooks dishes like spaghetti carbonara and even pizza on an open flame. He uses a large chef’s knife that may be the largest you have ever seen. Hearing steak being cooked on a skillet outdoors along with all the sounds of nature if it’s not perfect ASMR material what is?

3. Binging with Babish

Amongst all the food channels, this one probably suits perfectly with all aspiring beginners entering the cooking world. Not just for beginners but for everyone, Binging with Babish with its self-taught chef Andrew Rea the show is committed to remaking iconic recipes from famous movies and TV series such as Pollo’s Hermanos chicken from Breaking Bad and many more. Labeled videos like “Basics with Babish” teach the viewers simple and popular recipes all should know how to cook like mashed potatoes or mac and cheese.

4. Jamie Oliver

The channel to go to for family people hosted by a British chef, and restauranteur with tons of experience including cookbooks and TV shows. His simple but decidedly gorgeous dishes that everyone at the family table is sure to like are our favorites. The videos use easy recipes and other tips to lessen the cooking time without letting the quality of the food fall. Some of the videos we still remember are British Bolognese, lamb stew, and seven-way scrambled eggs. Just in case your children show an interest in cooking, guide them to Buddy Oliver’s recipes. These are made by Jamie’s son for these aspiring adorable chefs. The recipes are all simple and easy like meatballs, mini pizzas, and more.


5. Not Another Cooking Show

Need quick hacks and tips for basic recipes? This channel is for you then. Homemade tomato sauce, perfectly grilled steak along with many more are recipes that everyone wants to master. Well, Stephen Cusato is here to help. If you want to turn simple and unassuming dishes into something more special, this channel has all the tips and hacks you need. Unbelievable techniques like turning stale bread into breadcrumbs and making fettuccine alfredo with only three ingredients can only be found here.

Go check out these food channels and be sure to try out these amazing recipes. Do let us know how they turned out. Did you turn into a chef overnight or do you need more practice?

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