Cooking shows
Image Source: Asian Inspirations

Cooking shows are an interesting phenomenon because they are followed not just by people interested in cooking. People who do not like to spend a day in the kitchen would also be seen watching these shows. Remember the Master Chef Australia seasons?

Of course, that had all kinds of drama one could have in a cooking show but other cooking shows also get high viewership. A case in point will be how major TV channels in Pakistan either have one or two cooking shows or have started separated channels for this category to cash on the viewership.

1. Lazzat – Chef Samina

Airing on Masala TV, the show Lazzat stars Chef Samina Jalil, who graces our TV screens with the tastiest recipes one could try. From Daal Moong Pakora to Beef Teriyaki Noodles, Chef Samina caters to a number of recipes even if they belong from a different region altogether.

2. Masala Mornings – Chef Shireen

One more chef from Masala TV is Chef Shireen who comes on the channel to help us begin our day with the scenic views of food, not to mention the innovative and interesting ideas she leaves us with that we could try in the kitchen.

3. Chef Mehboob Show

In a society where the task of cooking is assumed to be only with the women, the men trying their luck in the kitchen is a difficult journey for them considering they have to face a lot of backlash. Chef Mehboob is one of the male chefs in the Pakistani industry who has proved his worth and continues to do so with his amazing shows.

4. Zaiqa – Chef Zakir

Zaiqa with Chef Zakir is a time duration ensured to be full of Zaiqa. The way he curates his dishes, even if you are not going to cook them, you could sit and watch them for hours and hours.

5. Zauq Zindagi

Zauq Zindagi features Dr. Sara Riaz and when there is a doctor on the cooking show, the dishes cooked have to be healthy. So if you are going to be cooking the dishes taught in this show, they will be tasty and safe to eat.

Let us know in the comments which cooking show do you follow.

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