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One of the most important things to keep in perspective, while driving a car, is fuel average. Even if it is said that Pakistan has the lowest prices in South Asia, they are still high. The cars that burn a lot of fuel are nothing but an inconvenience to their owners. You may not want to keep a vehicle that gives you a fuel average of 7 Kilometers to the litre.

Today, we take a look at ways one can improve their fuel efficiency. This applies to any car but our focus is cars that are older than 2010. That way, we can cover a wide range and not go too far back as the 70s.

1. The Air Conditioner In Cars

If we look at older cars, especially 1000cc and lower ones, AC uses up fuel. The engine works harder to make sure the car and the AC are both running. However, this can cause a drop in fuel average. It can even be noticed in 1500cc cars and 1800cc cars. The trick is to not keep the AC on continuously. Instead, occasionally turn it off and turn it off when the car is stationary for too long.

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2. Extra Rev On A Cold Start

On older cars, it can take a while for the engine to reach optimum temperature. When a car starts with a cold engine, it is known as a cold start. It is recommended to not rev the engine or pull it hard when it is still cold. This causes extra fuel to burn so the engine can reach regular performance. It is better to let the car idle a while or drive slowly till the temperature rises.

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3. Engine Braking Downhill

Now, this particular one is specific to manual cars, although it can apply to some automatic ones. Instead of pressing down on the brake completely while going downhill, try using engine braking. Engine braking occurs when you shift down a gear and then slowly release the clutch. Due to the lower gear shift, the engine starts braking to reduce speed. It is a trick that takes practice so keep trying.

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4. Early Shifts In Cars

In older cars, it is better to shift early before the car goes into higher rpm quick. The best way to maintain a fuel average is to keep in a higher gear with lower rpm. Your foot on the accelerator should remain near-constant. Steady, constant speed means a good average. In diesel engines, it is highly recommended to shift earlier.

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5. Keep Car Tuned

It is recommended to get the car tuned once every two months or so. This way, you can know of any clogs or blocks in the pipes. At times, a clogged pipe can cause a low fuel average. A leaky return line to the engine can also cause a bad average. Everything must be kept in perspective when driving a car. It is good to keep it maintained if you want a long-time running.

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