After a really tedious day of work or at home while looking after the family, there is nothing better than the feeling you get when you kick off your shoes and jump on your bed, laying down peacefully heaving a sigh of relief!

However, a messy room with piles of clothes scattered about is not the perfect abode that a person looks for at such a time. Have you ever wondered why people are so fascinated with hotel rooms? It is the sense of peace, calm and relaxation that these rooms hold that bedrooms at home often lack.

You’re in luck, we’ve got 5 designer secrets that will definitely make your room look straight out of a home styling catalogue:

1. Declutter, Remove Extra Furniture

It’s essential to create a personal space that makes you feel comfortable and helps you relax at your fullest. A room that is filled with furniture and accessories at every corner will make it look disorganized. Do you really need the extra chair that you use for dumping those extra clothes? Make a slight change giving your room a spacious feeling.

Source: Ideas by Gul Ahmed

2. Create a Focal Point in Your Room 

The first thing people see while walking in a room is the bed, a clean, tidy and a well-made bed will improve how the overall room looks. A messy bed will create a negative vibe of the room even if it is decorated to par. Make the bed the focal point, it should be attractive enough to fixate the onlooker’s gaze.

Watch the video below for some easy tips and tricks on how to make your bed in a designer way!

3. Layer Up, Accessorize and Lie Back 

The easiest tip to accentuate the room is to layer up, this could be done using beautiful plush rugs on the floor or different sized cushions for the bed. Not only do extra pillows make your bed look more inviting but they add the finishing touches to the room. You could use European styled pillows, oddly shaped pillows, rectangular or oval pillows to fill your bed.

Source: Ideas by Gul Ahmed

4. Add Colour to Your Room

Gone are the days of color coordinating everything from the walls, rugs, furniture to the bed covers and curtains. Bringing in a contrasting pop of color here and there will give the room an energetic vibe. If your room is decorated in cool tones, bringing in a warm tone will give life to the room.

Source: Ideas by Gul Ahmed

5. Window Dress to Impress

Window dressing is not only used to block the sunlight in the room but the curtains used thoughtfully would create an element of interest. Light colored curtains could be used to make the room look more spacious, while darker ones would give an illusion of elegance. Either way, how your window is dressed has a great impact on the overall look.

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