campaigns by coca-cola
Image Source: CNBC

Brands have the freedom to spread any kind of message they want to through their campaigns. But the message depends on the campaign strategy of the brand. Amongst all those strategies, Coca-Cola has opted for emotional branding.

Emotional branding that they used to spread thought-provoking messages. These are some of the thought-provoking campaigns by Coca-Cola that perfectly grasped our attention and touched our hearts.

1. Love Story (2017)

Coca-Cola Great Britain created a campaign called ‘Love Story’ in 2017 that focused on the message of recycling. Recycled material was used in making the set for this ad. The idea behind the ad was its better to recycle plastic bottles. The advertisement shows two bottles falling in love with each other again and again. Their dialogue exchange made the ad hilarious.

2. Reasons to Believe (2011)

This idea behind this campaign was to promote positivity in the increasingly negative world. Specifically, it provided reasons to believe in the world once again. It was a reminder that for every bad thing, there was also good happening and on a much larger scale.

3. Friendship Experiment

Coca-Cola conducted this friendship experiment in China. The thought-provoking campaign by Coca-Cola was, ‘friends were strangers once.’ A photographer compiled some images that looked like friends being photographed.

However, in reality, the photographer had gone around asking strangers to be photographed together. Thus, reminding yourself that your friends were also strangers, you can be more accepting of the strangers in your life right now.

4. Hug Me (2012)

The currency of the Coca-Cola Hug Me machine is not coins. Like its name, the currency is hugs. For every hug done right, the machine gives a can of Coca-Cola. It was installed overnight at a Singaporean university, and it required the user to hug it in a specific way. What makes this thought-provoking is the fact that the university did not allow the public display of affection. Therefore the name of the machine itself was a stand-in favor of youth.

5. Open Happiness (2015)

Open Happiness is a light ad but with a heavy thought-provoking message. In this ad, a group of individuals approaches people sitting on a bench. First, it is a man and then two elderly people. Then with props such as two branches of a palm tree, a piece of cloth, and imagination, they give the experience of Hawaii. It tells people ‘it doesn’t cost much to make someone happy.’

These campaigns by Coca-Cola have messages embedded within. The key is to figure that message out and ensure your part in it because it feels good to do good.

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