5 Things You Must NEVER Share With Anyone
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Do your friends, and office mates usually forget their essentials at home and conveniently ask you to share yours with them? Do you generously lend your personals to everyone? Well, unfortunately, your oh-so-generous nature can be harmful to you and them as well.

Here’s a list of 5 things that you should never share with anyone at all.

1. Earphones

A lot of us are habitual of sharing earphones or headphones with our friends and mates at work. Although it might seem insignificant, this habit can be extremely harmful to us. You wouldn’t want to offer you earphones to someone who might have some sort of ear infection. Would you?

5 Things You Must NEVER Share With Anyone
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2. Water Bottle

One of the most commonly shared items among friends and even strangers is a water bottle. Anyone can run out of water or be in dire need of it at any time, anywhere. And you can’t possibly say no to someone who asks you for some.

However, you can keep an extra disposable cup/glass with you for times like these. Letting people drink from your water bottle can expose you to infections.

5 Things You Must NEVER Share With Anyone
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3. Spoon/Fork/Glass

Sharing the same spoon, fork, or glass while eating with buddies is a widespread practice, especially in Pakistan. Sensibly, spoons, forks, and glasses should not be shared among people.

Normalize using your own dining accessories and urge your friends to do the same. Sharing the same eating utensils can usher the spread of viruses and bacteria, making everyone vulnerable to infections and diseases.

5 Things You Must NEVER Share With Anyone
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4. Makeup Accessories

Have you shared your lipstick with your girlfriends, at least once? A guilty pleasure indeed, but you need to stop right away! Although we do not pay much attention to this but to be very honest, your makeup accessories are YOURS only and should not be used by anyone else.

I know this sounds mean, but hygienically, this is how it should be. While sharing your lipstick or makeup brushes with your beloved friend, you might as well be sharing your bacteria with them.

5 Things You Must NEVER Share With Anyone
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Advisably, you should keep an extra lip balm or lipstick in your bag at all times. If your friend loves makeup, gift them some on their birthday. Not only will they love their birthday present but also they’ll stop asking for yours.

5. Hair Brushes and Combs

Girls and boys are equally guilty of sharing hairbrushes and hair combs. It might not be a big deal for many of us; however, it is in fact a grossly unhygienic practice. Sharing hair brushes aids the transmission of bacteria, fungus, mites, etc.

Also, hairbrushes provide a perfect environment for bacteria and other microbes to grow. Would you want someone to pass on their bacteria to you? Or other micro-organisms that might be lurking on their scalps or the strands of hair that they leave on your hairbrush after they use it? No, right?

5 Things You Must NEVER Share With Anyone
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For the love of God, please don’t share your stuff (anything that comes in direct contact with your skin) with anyone else, be it your friends or family. The ‘sharing is caring’ notion does not apply when it comes to the things mentioned above. Your hygiene should be your priority at all times.

So, are you convinced to eliminate these unhygienic and foul practices from your life? Let us know in the comment section below!

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