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Each one of us must understand the importance of conserving electricity. Moreover, conserving power not only helps to save a lot of money, but it also helps the environment as we’re saving energy.

Pakistan is currently facing extreme hours of electricity shortfall, and it is high time we understand what we can do as responsible citizens. This is the least we can do!

You’ll be saving quite some money!

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Saving electricity can make a huge difference

By saving electricity, we help to reduce electricity shortfall. And if we’re able to save enough electric energy, it will be used to supply electricity to rural areas of the country where there is no electricity even in this advanced era.

Here are five ways you can save electricity and down your bills!

1. Use an inverter AC

Air conditioners are probably the most essential things in summer for most of us. An air conditioner can somewhat control the terrible heat in this hot season. However, did you know that you can save up to 60 percent of electricity by switching to an inverter AC?

2. Start using energy-saving products

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This is very important. No matter what season it is, it is essential to buy your electronic products wisely. For instance, if you have incandescent electric bulbs fitted in your home, replace them with energy-savers or LED lights. For appliances, choose the ones with the latest technology. The newly introduced devices now come with an energy efficiency rating.

3. Switch off lights and fans when there’s no one in the room

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What’s the point of having the lights and fans switched on when there’s no one sitting in the room? Most of us tend to ignore the fact that every light bulb and fan counts. So, it’s wise to switch off the extra lights and fans if not needed. All it takes is a click.

4. Try to let in natural light during the day time

Let that sun in and soak it all in. Good for your health and easy on the electricity bills. If you have big windows and lots of natural light coming inside your home, switch off those lights, and enjoy some daylight! Honestly, you would not need bulbs and tube lights to do your go on with your daily tasks.

5. Use natural ventilation 

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In case you want some natural ventilation, you can switch off that AC and fan and enjoy some natural ventilation. It is essential to always get some fresh air. Opening the windows in the evening or night for some fresh breeze would lower the temperature of your home. Also, try this early in the morning, and thank us later.

Trying out these simple tips will help you in ways you would not have imagined!

How are you spending your days in load shedding, and what measures are you taking to reduce this? Let us know in the comments below.

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